Discover EMC2 Digital Twin Library!

Find or Create What You Need for Your Virtual Engineering Task

Virtual Engineering Made Simple

Simulate and validate your device under design/test/analysis with a variety of digital twins of equipment, materials, and components. The EMC Digital Twin Library (EDTL) makes system modeling easier than ever.
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    Measure or excite your virtual product replica as you do in reality

    Use our digital twins of measuring equipment such as spectrum analyzer, EMI receiver, arbitrary waveform generator, line impedance stabilization network, electric/magnetic field probes, current probe, and antennas.
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    Perform virtual design, test, and analysis for your product with confidence

    Simulate your virtual product replica with our digital twins for materials and components with broadband and/or dynamic characteristics.
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    Build new digital twin for your own product

    Perform virtual engineering tasks with all the essential digital twins. Reliable digital twins are often not available but both do-it-yourself and on-demand creation services are always available at CPS Tech, Inc.

Main Benefits

(To be updated) At least 2X reduction in the time involved in creating an accurate product model compared to the situation with our EMC digital twin library.
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Main Functions

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    Versatile Data Viewer

    There is a viewer for each product category, allowing you to obtain data (characteristics, photo/image, 2D/3D digital twins) on our extensive lineup of digital twins.
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    Optimized Filter for Each Category

    Easily narrow the list of products displayed by setting conditions.
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    Multiple Characteristics Comparison

    Compare the characteristics of product at the same time by displaying them in a graph.
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    Data Package Download

    Download 2D/3D digital twins (S-parameters, SPICE netlist data, and/or 3D EM models) necessary for your virtual engineering tasks.

Using the EMC Digital Twin Library

Get ready to use EMC Digital Twiin Library. Here we introduce the basics of how to use the EMC Digital Twin Library.
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